Cosmetology And Dematology 2021

Cosmetology And Dematology 2021

"11th International  Conference on Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery" respects every one of the participants, speakers, support's and other research skill from everywhere throughout the world which will be held amid November 29-30,2021. We are especially regarded to welcome all of you to trade and offer your perspectives and experience on the 10th International Conference on Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

The motivation behind CDPS 2021 is to advance intrigue, animate research, and disperse data on all parts of natural and word related skin illnesses. Our main goal is to give remarkable patient consideration, prepare and guide future pioneers in dermatology, and advance dermatologic information. We welcome you to go along with us at the CDPS 2021, where you will make sure to have a significant involvement with researchers from around the globe.


Why to attend???

Meet Your Target Market With individuals from around the world fixated on getting the hang of regarding dermatology concerns, this is regularly your single most obvious opportunity to accomplish the most critical array of members from the Universities, Research foundations, and Hospitals. Direct showings, circulate information, meet with current and potential speaker, make a sprinkle with a substitution product, and get name acknowledgment at this 2-day occasion. Widely acclaimed speakers, the principal ongoing strategies, strategies, and the most up to date refreshes in Dermatology and advancing fields square measure signs of this meeting.


Cosmetic Dermatology assembling on a very basic level deals with the investigation, examination and treatment of conditions related to skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists are remedial authorities who arranged here for quite a while. Messes of skin, hair and nails fall inside the zone of a dermatology. This branch is portioned widely into medicinal and surgical fields. Restorative and Dermatology Congress revolves around skin development, skin infirmities, Allergy appearances, Dermatological diseases, Clinical dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology. In the flow time, the investigation in dermatology went to another stature which incorporates clinical research, Research techniques for examination of the dermatological diseases and new treatment and passes on treatment.



The proceedings of the conference will be published by Clinical Dermatology Congress proceedings.Selected papers after further revisions, will be published in the special issue of the journal “Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Research” (JCEDR) with D.O.I number by Cross Ref.

If you want to attend with your research group, you can avail Group Discount.You can conduct a special session or workshop about your research. Owing to the importance of each, it is a common platform for the discussion of various important issues which may be helpful for the clinicians, medical practitioners, patients, researchers, faculty members and students.




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Major Dermatology Associations around the World: 


·         Cooper Dermatology & Dentistry Clinic


·         Cosmo care Dermatology PRP Therapy & STD Clinic Dubai


·         Kaya Skin Clinic - Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai


·         Kaya Skin Clinic - Town Centre Mall, Jumeirah, Beach Road


·         Asian Dermatological Association Ltd


Track 1: Cosmetic Dermatology

Corrective Dermatology is the part of arrangement dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. Cosmetology is the arranging and use of brightness drugs. The fundamental skin ailment issue affected by skin make, dependent upon the area. It in like manner adds to basic physical and mental insufficiencies. These ineptitudes have been assessed by different life quality measures, yet the noteworthiness of skin prosperity is often barely cared about in perspective on the steady, non-dangerous nature of most skin sicknesses. A large portion of the woman's encounters bending and uneasiness related with skin issues impact them among the essential inspirations to people search for therapeutic care. Corrective Dermatology consolidates various fields like, Dermato (venereology): It is a part of prescription that is stressed over the examination and treatment of explicitly transmitted diseases. A specialist speak to impressive expert in the field of venereology is known as a venereologist, Trichology: Trichology is the part of therapeutic and remedial examination and practice stressed over the hair and scalp.


Track 2: Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Plastic, helpful, and reconstructive medical procedure recommends a gathering of assignments performed recalling the genuine target to fix or reestablish body parts to look standard, or to change a body part to look better. These sorts of medical procedure are very explicit. They are portrayed by methods for careful strategy of the patient's skin and tissues, by right cutting and suturing procedures, and by means of mind taken to control scarring. Late progresses in the difference in scaled down instruments, new materials for fake appendages and body parts, and improved careful systems have extended the degree of plastic medical procedure errands that can be performed. Plastic medical procedure is consistently performed to treat birth absconds and to evacuate skin surrenders, for example, moles, skin break out scars, or pigmentations. Healing medical procedure strategies are performed to make the patient look more youthful or update their appearance in changed ways. Reconstructive medical procedure is utilized to reattach body parts disengaged in battle or accidents, toper edge skin joins after silly eats up, or to replicate portions of the patient's body that were missing in the midst of work or emptied by medical procedure.


Track 3: Dermatological techniques

There is a broad assortment of dermatological strategies used to test and treat defilements or dermatologic infections. Some run of the mill dermatologic structures used to test for ailments are biopsies, including punch, shave, and extraction biopsy.


Track 4: Case Reports in Dermatology and Cosmetology

Clinical Dermatology and Cosmetology deals with the frameworks and medical procedures executed as healing or etching methods to improve appearance of individual's body (the skin, nails, hair and its sicknesses). Pre and post-operator sway furthermore have sharp approach behind any procedure it may be careful and non-careful systems. The post-specialist effects may provoke plan of new disease or interminable scars. Use of altered medications and frameworks can reduce the perils of postoperative effects.


Track 5: Approach of Cosmetology with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is described as the "data of living". It is generally called Ayurvedic. Ayurveda arrangement is used from an immense number of years back in India. In Sanskrit, Ayur infers life or living, and Veda suggests data, the point of convergence of Ayurvedic medication is to propel incredible prosperity through home developed and Natural Products. Ayurvedic prescriptions are secured considering the way that they are non-nosy and non-perilous. Home developed and Natural Cosmetics: Herbal beautifiers are characterized, using assorted remedial fixings to shape the base in which in any event one home developed fixings are used to fix diverse skin sicknesses. Panchakarma: It is a Sanskrit expression for the ayurvedic system of detoxifying and purging the body. Movements in Dermatology consolidates various strategies and fixes from different controls, together with innate research.


Track 7: Natural Approach to Hair and Skin

There is a prompt association among prosperity and greatness. Home developed things give a trademark and safe way to deal with oversee skin and hair mind. Common sound skin things have been brought out for face, body and hair and they decline prologue to harms and diminishes their potentially ruinous ramifications for people, animals and condition. These things contain properties which are vital for continuing dry skin, altering smooth skin, watching out for the sensitive skin of kids and repairing of skin and scalp issues. The assessment in arrangement has accomplished marvelous statures which incorporates fundamental science examination, clinical examination, new procedures to break down infections and pass on treatment.


Track 8: Advances in Trichology and cosmetic procedures

Cosmetology is the arranging and utilization of flawlessness meds. It unites a few branches, hairstyling, sound skin, beautifiers, nail trims/pedicures, and electrology. The different systems included are style: the assessment of applying make-up and performing facials, back rubs, waxing and reflexology. Nail Technology: the assessment of the specialty of nail workmanship, outline, tips, structures, wraps and gels. Electrolysis: a medicinally observed endless hair flight framework for face and body. Teacher Training: a program of rule to set up a cosmetologist to demonstrate future cosmetologists. To guarantee they meet least measures for competency and safe practice, true blue cosmetology rule and preparing is required. By sorting out our occasion on Cosmetology, we are endeavoring to give more data to cosmetologist and trichologist.


Track 9: Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals is the blend of excellence care items and pharmaceuticals. A cosmeceutical is basically a skincare thing that contains a normally powerful compound with accommodating ramifications for the skin. A cosmeceutical is basically a skincare thing that contains a characteristic or basic fixing that is thought to effectsly influence the skin. Nutricosmetics are sustaining supplements which support the limit and structure of the skin. Healthy enhancements have threatening to oxidant sway that lessens the impact of free radicals in the skin. It similarly has an essential limit in the production of collagen in the dermis. Dietary micronutrients shield the skin from the hurting impacts from brilliant light presentation, this may provoke skin tan, skin developing and wrinkle improvements.


Track 10: Further approaches in Cosmetic Dermatology

Restorative dermatology is a particular part of medication which oversees assurance and treatment of skin and nails related diseases, for instance, developing organization, nail infectious treatment, facial medical procedures, laser drugs, etc. Eventually Nano emulsions are used to treat skin developing caused in light of tissue degeneration. Skin photoaging is on sizes of productive fixes by reconstructive medical procedures. Skin joining procedures are used to treat skin expends. Skin restoration and reappearing are another floating methodology performed with the help of lasers.

Restorative dermatology promote is outstanding amongst other driving areas in cosmetology industry. Photograph revival prescriptions have extended generally up to 36% when stood out from before year estimations. Other than these Hyaluronic Acid had a slant of 16%, Laser Tattoo Removal with climb of 13% and Nonsurgical Skin Tightening has accomplished advantage of 12% till the completion of 2016. Photograph restoration is one of the principle 5 non-careful frameworks where an induced of 650,000 drugs were performed globally before the completion of 2016.


Track 11: Risks in Cosmetic Gynecology

Restorative gynecology is basically named to be used by nonbelievers to update female private parts. Various procedures, for instance, the most rising strategy of labiaplasty, vaginal restoration, pelvic floor fix and hymen fix. Remedial gynecology can be both careful and non-careful frameworks. The improvement of remedial careful offices has extended the care, accessibility and sensibility. Around 95,010 labiaplasty medical procedures, 50,086 Vaginal Rejuvenation medical procedures were performed generally in the year 2015. Gynecological medical procedures rank among top 25 helpful medical procedures performed all around. The typical addition in gynecology from a years back is assessed to be 10% than 2014-15 bits of knowledge.


Track 12: Green Cosmetology

Green cosmetology communicating the use of regularly deduced and misleadingly made characteristic things. The designed things are also manufactured based at this point got from typical concentrates. Spanish Lavender concentrate is being used to reduce wrinkle advancement; retinoic destructive from rosehip seed oil is used as substitute of retinol to decrease appearance of scarcely unmistakable contrasts.

The present characteristic and normal therapeutic market ought to accomplish estimation of 11,057$ and is further to reach is twofold a motivating force in coming 8 years for example 22$ by 2024. Likewise, North America is depended upon to be best and greatest producer of trademark improving specialists with an idea of 33.5% in overall market.


Track 13: Current research in Cosmetology

Cosmetology has ended up being most quickly used meds and medical procedures in field of pharmaceutical. Rhinoplasty is performed by classy pros to make useful nose to reconsider contortions. Facial recuperation movements are used to fix facial illnesses. Reappearing and microdermabrasion have been an assistance to remedial dermatology. Nano particles of metals and metal oxides are used to treat bacterial and parasitic defilements. Productive jazzy medical procedures like liposuction, labiaplasty and chest development have been changed with time.


When appeared differently in relation to 2015, 17.1 million restorative strategies were played out all around with an extension of 3%. Among these 1.7 million were classy medical procedures 4% in excess of 2015 estimations. 15.4 million Cosmetic inconsequential prominent procedures and 5.8 million reconstructive techniques. In most chest increment medical procedures around 84% of silicone supplements were used when appeared differently in relation to saline additions.


Track 14: Cosmetic Surgeries-New era of face and body contouring

Restorative medical procedures incorporate of different etching and molding strategies used by remedial pros to improve appearance of individuals. The standard focus is to overhaul in vogue intrigue, balance and physical degree. Most for the most part performed helpful medical procedures are facial trim, skin recovery, chest growth, eye top lift and liposuction..


Track 15: Exploration of Color Cosmetics, aromas and therapies

Business beautifiers and greatness medications is another broad piece of cosmetology. It joins various claims to fame like eminence treatment which in like manner improves an individual's certainty and assurance. It moreover improves the effects of infection and can help earlier recovery. Concealing excellence care items are creating in designs, for instance, hair streaking. These hair concealing synthetic concoctions can have various ominous effects. Other than these, the usage smells, antiperspirants have inclined higher than any time in recent memory. Starting late developed sea kelps have been used distinctive remedial associations to impact skin to mind things.

The area of hair mind industry is the best most floating section after interminable hair surface. The Professional greatness Associations are creating by 16 % and foreseen that would create by 5% till 2020. The overall expected pay advantage will accomplish 49.3 billion$ by 2017. By 2017, it is depended upon to have a yearly addition of 3.3billion$. North America is driving area segment of Color therapeutic advertise. The overall smells grandstand is depended upon to arrive at 51 billion$ by 2022.





Glimpse of Global Cosmetology Market

Cosmetology market is relied upon to earn $429.8 billion by the year 2022. CAGR of 4.3% is anticipated for a long time 2016-2022. This market all in all constitutes of different fragments one including chemicals for the most part used to upgrade and enhance the appearance and scent of the human body. Healthy skin items, hair mind items, antiperspirants, cosmetics and shading makeup, and aromas are a portion of the cases of restorative items that are dominatingly accessible and utilized by people. Excellence salons, retail locations, markets, mark outlets, and strength stores, even scientific experts shops and pharmaceutical organizations are the fundamental conveyance channels. Other than these different web based managing stores and restorative establishments are in desire of picking up prevalence.

The Global cosmetics market is segmented as following categories

By Category

Skin and Sun care products

Hair care products

Deodorants and perfumes

Makeup and Color cosmetics




Beauty Industry Segments and Market Share Revenue       

Skin care

Hair care – 27.1%

Cosmetics- 10.6%

Perfumes and colognes- 6.5%

Deodorants, antiperspirant, feminine cleaning- 6.5%

Oral hygiene- 4.6%

Other- 9.1%

Global Associations:

Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)

American Association of Plastic Surgeons

American Board of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association

American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. (ABPS)

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS)

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

European Association of Plastic Surgeons

European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Australian Hand Surgery Society

Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Society Plastic Surgery Azerbaijan

Croatian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


The Asia-Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetology Conference, Dermatology Meetings 2018 was held in Tokyo, Japan during August 16-17, 2019.

Dermatology Meetings 2018 has welcomed the new era of Dermatology; a futuristic arena for treatment of diseases, clasping a promising tomorrow. The highly exalted conference hosted by Conference Series LLC ltd was marked with the attendance of young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 20 countries around the world. The conference has tried grounding every aspect related to Dermatology & Cosmetology, covering all the possible research areas. 

The conference aimed a parallel rail with theme “Contemporary innovations and recent trends in Dermatology and Cosmetology”. The meeting engrossed a vicinity of cognizant discussions on novel subjects like Surgical and non- surgical Aesthetic treatment, Dermatopathology, Cosmetic dermatology, Dermato-oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Trichology and Hair transplant, Treatments and Trends in cosmetics, Bariatric surgery to mention a few.

Conference Series extends its warm gratitude towards all the Participants, Eminent Speakers, Young Researchers, Delegates and Students.

We would like to specially thank the following people who laid the foundation for the event’s success.


Organizing Committee Members:

Evangeline B. Handog - Asian Hospital and Medical centre, Philippines

Vincent Wong - Dr Vincent Wong Skincare, UK

Anil Kumar Jha - DISHARC, Nepal

Jaime Schwartz - Beverly Hills Breast and Body institute, USA


Keynote Speakers:

Evangeline B Handog - Asian Hospital and Medical centre, Philippines

Anil Kumar Jha - DISHARC, Nepal

Kang-Yell Choi    - Yonsei University, South Korea

Jaime Schwartz - Beverly Hills Breast and Body institute, USA Ashish K Saxena- Diabetes and Heart Centre, India

Byung In Ro - Myongji Medical Foundation,South Korea

After the huge optimistic response from scientific fraternity, renowned personalities and the Editorial Board Members of Conference Series from across the world. We are pleased to announce the 10th International Conference on Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery to be held during November 7-8, 2019 at Tokyo, Japan.



Conference Highlights

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date November 29-30, 2021
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